Community Life Leaders Training

Let the Fun Begin!

I am so glad you will be leading God's people in discipleship here at Pleasant Valley. By participating in Community Life as a leader, you have the opportunity to shape the way people view themselves, engage in the mission of God's Kingdom, and impact the way they raise their families and work in their careers. So, this is a VERY BIG DEAL!!!

Welcome to Pleasant Valley's Onboarding process for new Community Life Leaders.

Training Overview

We believe in equipping our people, and we also believe in launching and releasing our people into the work. So we want you to be prepared, and to take away as many barriers as possible. Now, if you ever have questions or want to chat before starting anything, always feel free to stop and do that. A Community Life coach will always be available to you.

Goals of Training:

  • Be committed to the way of Jesus and the vision of being disciples who make disciples.

  • Grow in your understanding of the Gospel.

  • Know the Mission, Characteristics, and Critical Actions of Community Life

  • Embrace the structure of Community Groups

  • Empower leaders to care for souls

  • See mission as the end goal and not be scared of it.

Training Sessions 1-6

You can Scroll down to find each of the training sessions. Click on the one you want to complete. Once you have finished sessions 1-6; email Dan Fuller at

Session One - The Way of Jesus

When Christ began His ministry on earth, He started with a small group of twelve untrained men. He called them to Himself to start a process of learning what it meant to live for his kingdom and follow Him.

Session Two - The Gospel

It should not come as a surprise that once God saves a person and brings them into His family, He would want others to be saved as well AND use the ones who understand and have experienced reconciliation to be a part of this process.

Session Three - Mission

Life is hard, and without each other, we fail. Community Life creates space to be known, stay accountable, and be equipped for this life. Resulting in believers being able to experience the true joy that Christ offers and offer tangible hope to others who don't know Him.

Session Four - Group Design

Let’s get practical! Deep Spirituality takes intentionality! What does a Community Group feel like? What does a leader do each time? Where do you meet? What about kids?

Session Five - Care & Counseling

At the end of the day, we are inviting people into our lives, and they are letting us into theirs. This is more than just a meeting; it's an intertwining of individuals and families. This is messy, challenging, and fun all at the same time.

Session Six -

Being Missionary Minded - Blessing the Broken in tangible ways, both in Word and deed.

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