The Way of Jesus

When Christ began His ministry on earth He started with a small group of twelve untrained men. He called them to Himself to begin a process of learning what it meant to live for His kingdom and follow Him.

This group has been called a rag-tag group of misfits. Men who, when the time came to lead, well, often fell short in all kinds of ways and at one point even deserted our Savior. This rag-tag group would one day cause people to marvel due to the things they would say and do in the name of Jesus, simply because they “had been with Jesus.” Jesus, Himself started with immature people whom He would take along with Him to show them what it meant to follow Him. After three years, He would then send them out in pairs to minister to people around them. After this, He would leave them the Holy Spirit, who just as the Spirit carried the Son, would now carry them. These misfits would become the beginning of a worldwide movement of God, bringing people into His love and redemption only found in Christ.

Just as Christ carried out His ministry with a small group of men, we believe that He left us a model to practice. There is much to learn from our Savior and much that we don’t have to reinvent. His ways are purposeful and powerful. This small group of men lived life with Jesus. At Pleasant Valley, our Community Groups are modeled after this. They create space to be known, stay accountable, and be equipped for this life. They aren't just a meeting. They aren't just a Bible study or a time for prayer. They are all of these things, to be sure. But, they are so much more. They are where discipleship can happen in a holistic and meaningful way. And they result in believers being able to experience the true joy that Christ offers and offer tangible hope to others who don't know Him.

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It should not come as a surprise that once God saves a person and brings them into His family, He would want others to be saved as well AND use the ones who understand and have experienced reconciliation to be a part of this process.

Community Life exists because if believers belong to a family on mission, they will live in joy and confidence serving Christ.

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